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Despite a company’s best efforts to avoid litigation, sometimes there is no alternative. At Guerard, Kalina & Butkus, our litigation lawyers have the tools and experience to guide you through the difficult maze of litigation - whether you need to file a lawsuit in order to enforce your legal rights or need to defend yourself in a complex suit brought by another party. We provide a full range of litigation services in state and federal courts. Our attorneys have expertise in a variety of commercial contract litigation, litigation involving injunctive and other equitable relief, commercial lease litigation, mortgage foreclosures, creditors’-rights bankruptcy matters, lender liability litigation, and mechanic lien litigation.


Our Appellate lawyers are available to assist in matters that involve, or are likely to involve, an appeal. Our Appellate lawyers act as lead appellate counsel in matters that the firm handled in the trial courts, and also handles appeals of cases tried by other law firms, or acts as co-counsel with other lawyers for appellate purposes.


Our attorneys offer exceptional litigation experience and can assist you or your company from initiation of a lawsuit, or defense, through the appellate process. Please contact to discuss the specifics of your situation and determine how we can best be of service to you.